Through multilayered epoxy resin collages, Sonia encapsulates glimpses into small worlds. She frequently draws inspiration from the female form, and her work plays on themes such as gender, personal agency, and nostalgia. Her constructed tableaus aim to elevate found objects and recycled vintage materials, breathing new life into them while creating added meaning, allowing viewers to feel suspended in time and space.

Sonia is a Colorado native who has affinities for dogs, glitter, drag queens, and breakfast for dinner. Her collages preserve bits of the objects present in her life, such as textiles (sometimes from her own closet), magazines, books, maps, photographs, postcards, estate sale gems, discarded or found items, and anything else that evokes a sense of history or memory. Sonia received her BFA in photography in 2012 from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She’s exhibited in Santa Fe, NM at the Marion Center for Photographic Arts, as well as many settings across Denver, from galleries to tattoo shops. Her work has been published in 1/1 Magazine and she is currently breaking into the artisan fair circuit. She happily resides in the DU neighborhood with her fiancé and two chihuahuas, Kurt Russell and Zammy Davis Jr.